• Determination and introduction of time allowances for all production processes in the factory and on site
    • Automatic joinery machines
    • Framing stations
    • Wall assembly
    • Ceiling assembly
    • Roof assembly
    • Plaster lines
    • Shipment
    • House erection
    • Technical house equipment
    • Interior fittings
    • Tiler
    • Final assembly
  • Development and establishment of output and capacity planning systems based on key data
  • Merging of different production sites
  • Development and establishment of different salary systems for the production taking into consideration of different aims
  • Development and establishment of outsourcing concepts for order processing and execution
  • Reduction of the subcontractor costs by optimizing their production flow
  • Development and establishment of systems for the order and production control
  • Benchmarking of the production cycles in the departments administration, order processing, production, erection and extension. Derivation and conversion of measures to enhance capacity. Due to an enormous amount of carried-out projects we dispose of extensive comparative values in prefabricated houses

Factory planning

  • Planning of different prefabricated-house factories with different product quantities and different mechanization degrees.
  • Factory development planning taking into consideration new products and step-by-step replacement of technically out-of-date machines
  • Planning and commissioning of an internationally aimed prefabricated-house factory in Romania including all organizational processes (product selection, construction, provision, erecting organization, calculation, etc.)
  • Selection of the location and block layout planning for a prefabricated-house factory taking into consideration existing plants to be rented. Planning of a high-performance rafter press for a truss roof production line
  • Replanning of a wall and ceiling production taking into consideration low investment budgets
  • Concept and establishment of a high performance joinery machine

Information management

  • Selection and establishment of different calculation programmes for the house price calculation and offer provision
    • Graphic system
    • System with complete text identification
    • Systems with supplement follow-up etc.
    • Internal systems / outfoor systems
  • Development and establishment of systems for the planning and control of all internal and external activities beginning with the contract signature up to the house erection including set-up of the IT concept and coordination with the software supplier
  • Selection and establishing support of planning and element programmes with interfaces to different processing lines in the production
  • Concept and establishment of a programme for service pay slips bearing in mind the special requirements of prefabricated houses (travelling times, bonus calculation for one or more building projects, building projects requiring more than a calendar month, loan workers, integration into the calculation etc). The program set-up has not been carried out by Herrmann Beratende Ingenieure GmbH.
  • Optimizing of different IT-supported processes in the material management, calculation, order processing etc. (analysis, requirement specifications, rearrangement support)


  • Realization of comprehensive cost reduction projects
  • Development of emergency measures to guarantee business continuation
  • Amalgamation of plants
  • Reorganization of the order processing and reduction of the interfaces by changing from function-oriented to process-oriented processing
  • Optimizing of the organizational and operational structure
  • Structuring and extending the reports and developing code systems